Michael Harriot is not an artist

He doesn't wear funny hats, refer to himself in the third person, and occasionally uses foul language in mixed company. Michael Harriot is a writer. He loves words – both written and spoken – and the way they tumble off palates and jump off pages. Writing a novel is one of the many dreams that he has been able to live.

Michael has worked as a corn harvester, chef, radio personality, bartender, journalist, publicist, nightclub-owner, waiter, mortgage broker, project manager, student, fast food sandwich-maker and graphic designer. A native of Hartsville, SC he attended Auburn University as an undergraduate, and went on to received a Masters of International Business.

Because of his mother’s aspirations to become an author, he began writing at the age of 11, producing scores of finished and unfinished manuscripts, poetry, lyrics, scripts and short stories. Initially attending college to become a filmmaker, he graduated and entered the world of business, still dreaming of one day accomplishing his artistic dreams.

In 2008 he released his first novel - "The Situation in South Carolina" to critical success. He performs his unique brand of witty and biting spoken word poetry across the country, and in January 2013, he began a weekly podcast entitled "The Black One."

Aside from his full-time job reporting on international economics, he is a regular contributor to some of the country's most popular outlets for commentary and opinion, including

Very Smart Brothers
The Root


On January 15 he launched his latest venture: NegusWhoRead - a hub for information, opinion and ideas for Black thinkers.


About Michael

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