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When CNN wanted to know the origin of the phrase woke, they called Michael Harriot. When MSNBC needed someone to explain critical race theory, they called Michael Harriot. When Black Twitter was asked to choose one name that embodied its collective ethos, Michael Harriot was the runaway answer.


Michael Harriot is a journalist, author and cultural critic who has been hailed as "one of the most eloquent writers in America." His acerbic wit, biting commentary, and investigative reporting have influenced everything from presidential politics to pop culture. As the originator of the phrase “invited to the cookout,” his social media posts contextualizing history are shared by millions, while his award-winning journalism has appeared in the Washington PostThe Atlantic, your television, and his mother’s refrigerator. He was one of the first journalists to ring the alarm on the online underground movement called the alt-right, a little-known group called the Proud Boys and was among the first to propose a then-radical idea: student loan forgiveness.


Michael earned degrees in mass communications and history from Auburn University and earned a master's degree in macroeconomics and international business from Florida State University. He earned National Association of Black Journalists Awards for digital commentary, television news writing and magazine writing. His "How Did We Get Here" segment on the Amber Ruffin Show earned a 2021 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series. 


He is the author of the upcoming book Black AF History: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America and currently serves as a columnist for The Guardian and, where he covers the intersection of race, politics, and media...And animal attacks


But mostly the politics and race stuff.

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