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The Podcasts


Like eavesdropping on an unfiltered conversation with the most interesting people around.  It is where art meets intrigue. It is the "Tonight Show" seasoned with "Black Twitter."Michael Harriot began broadcasting "The Black One Podcast" on January 1, 2013. Since then it has become one of the most listened to podcasts in Black America. 
These in-depth dialogues are NOT interviews. Each week, some captivating guest bears their soul, tells their story, argues, debates, or simply talk about everything from sex, to religion, to race, to love and even more. When someone asks which podcast you listen to - tell them you listen to THE BLACK ONE.



Comedian and poet BStuc hosts the podcast that promises to keep you both entertained and informed. The "Supper Club" - a panel of tastemakers and opinion shapers - join him weekly to comment, dissect and inform you about what's going on in Black America. New episodes air every Wednesday and you can watch them here, or listen to them wherever you get your podcasts from.

Don't sleep! BStuc and the crew promises you to keep you laughing, aware, enlightened, and most of all - WOKE!






Dem Thrones is hosted by the "Real Negus" BStuc and Michael Harriot. The show is Siskel and Ebert meets Mystery Science Theater, Waldorf and Statler and Smokey and Craig.

What began as a review of the hit HBO Show "Game of Thrones" has evolved into the viral pop culture sensation. 

The "Too Trill Reviews" cover everything from movies, TV and music  - all from their celebrated witty, ghetto, "Real Negus" point of view


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